GENSHIN IMPACT Arataki ITTO Skills and gameplay of the new character of 2 3

Update 2.3 will come very soon to Genshin Impact and has been officially presented by Photo. An event in which we have presented all the novelties that the game will receive in the coming weeks and that has arrived with the strong plate of the new characters. Among them is of course Arawak into, of whom we barely knew a few details and from which all the playable characteristics of him have been revealed now.

Arawak into: Here de Hanamizaka

Garza : 5 stars

Genshin Impact - Arataki Itto & Gorou Skills Showcase
Element : GEO
Weapon : mandible

Maybe he was the character that we knew the most so far. This user of the mandible uses the GEO element to unleash the power of him and inflict great damage to enemies. Human half-and-half on, he is descendant from this Okay race, which has opened and closed doors to equal parts. A true bad boy of trauma that we can incorporate our team and has very interesting combat skills.

Basic Attack : He has a somewhat clumsy four-stroke combo (like most mandible users). Each time he hits with the second or fourth attack he gets an accumulation of superlative super fount. In addition, he can restart his combo with a brief sprint or the use of elementary ability and has improvements by constellation that increase the speed and damage to it.
Loaded stroke : Perform a series of cuts. A combo of blows is performed that does not consume energy depending on the loads of super lair and when the last tip is consumed, a particularly powerful additional ram.
Elementary Skill : He invokes the helper of him sushi, who joins the team to inflict geography damage to enemies. Each time he hits, he receives damage or leaves the battlefield he offers an accumulation of superlative super fount.
Elemental Rama : Into emphasizes the form of it on by increasing your physical attack, special and speed of attack in exchange for reducing the defenses of it. In this state, all blows inflict GEO damage and each of them offers an accumulation of superlative super fount.

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