Guild Wars 2 Introduces End of Dragon s New Map Echovald Wilds

Guild Wars 2 is offering us an additional peek at what awaits in End of Dragons when it s out in February. Today, Rennet presented us to the McDonald Wilds, a brand-new area to explore as well as get associated with the story.

According to the new preview, these lands were once an ancient woodland that was iced up in time as an effect of a traitor s fatality howl. Tradition is going to be essential below, as it has actually remained in Syria. This introduction to a piece of the Can than continent already holds a lot of promise in just where it may take travelers that desire to explore and dive deep into the background of a completely new continent to explore, discover more concerning, and face brand-new obstacles also.

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In a video providing a glimpse at what to expect, we see outstanding huge scale sanctuaries and towers once constructed by the Kubrick individuals. These big frameworks, left in the vacuum, have been taken control of by moss and decay. These were once quiet as well as vacant lands and now, they are likewise lands where growth happens, yet the decay continues to be. Oh, and there s a lot of threat waiting for those who set foot on this new map. So be prepared to advance your characters into their brand-new elite specializations and deal with these new threats in strange lands.

McDonald Wilds is simply one of the new locations waiting in End of Dragons. After presenting us to Thing Sea last month, this brand-new location proceeds with even more of a taste of what s to come. Rennet has simply a few months before launch, so these sneak peeks must maintain coming consistently. As well as if you re expecting discovering much more in the brand-new expansion, McDonald Wilds may supply you a mix of incentive as well as risk for doing so.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - The Echovald Wilds
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