Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Echovalal Wilderness in the Video

When Shirt the traitor was killed, his cry of death echoed through the Howard and over the Demeter and fossilized everything he came in contact with. The people of the Kubrick survived in the forest, and when life returns, it demands the remnants of their impressive Cathedral.

Created in the new extension End of Dragons for Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now €49.95) The Echovalal s wilderness, an ancient forest in which the death shout of a traitor once left the time. In the midst of the fossilized trees, the credible built imposing cathedrals. Now new growth conquers what they left behind. The new trailer of Arena net introduces you the atmospheric zone.

Guild Wars: End of Dragons should appear in February 2022. The most important features of the extension:

The continent Cant ha: More than two centuries, the Drachenreich capped all connections to Central Syria and Elena. Cant ha has its own story of turmoil and triumph, which reflected in old landmarks, resistant art and modern life.
The new elite specializations : Can than scholars, adventurers and soldiers have developed unique disciplines for each of the nine classes. Some traditions have been refined for centuries, others are adapted to the latest technology and a changing world. Combat specialists from Cant ha and abroad find first-class opportunities to exchange stories and pass on knowledge.
Your own ship : Your personal skiff is your second home on the waves. Makes discoveries, relax and transport your complete group! Going to anchor to run around, fight and more.
Fishing : Syria is home to over two hundred species of fishing, and you can not escape you anymore. Grab your skiff and your angel or lean back to land to catch the ingredients for the delicious regional cuisine. Your next big catch could be the key to victory with Angel events and fishing tournaments.
The new Mount siege turtle : For more than two hundred years, the descendants of the Luzon Armada move these tremendous turtles and train them. The ribs can each carry two riders: one that controls the turtle, and another that serves the weapons attached to their tank. Attract your own running war machine and take a friend with a fight adventure!
The science of dragon magic : The Jade wind fossilized everything he touched, and he devastated the southeastern coastal regions. In a stone sea, there is no food — for centuries of magic in it. Inventor from Cant ha have long been looking for practical applications for the material, which is now known as Dragon jade, and solutions found, of which they did not dream elsewhere in the world. At the horizon, new innovations are drawn…

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons - First Look

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