Xbox Series X Which 4K or 8K HDMI 2 1 TV

With the Xbox Series X gamers want more and a more new TV set. After the LG OLED65CX9LA published with numerous extras and gamers swear mainly on the LG OLED C9, and Samsung has steadily improved his devices.

Now we want to know from you what 8K or 4K TVs do you have in mind.

What do you think of 8K LED by LG with Cancel in combination with the new Mingled technology? Or are you of the opinion that there must necessarily be an OLED?

The BEST Gaming TV in the World! (PS5 | Xbox Series X | PC)

Betray us in the comments, among which models in 2021 to your favorites, which features the new television must have and at what price in the Black Friday sale you are weak would.

UHD TV buy recommendation for Xbox and PlayStation Series X 5

If you are a real TV experts, you can you like using the contact form at our report and join us in a top 10 list of new TV sets with HDMI 2.1 create so that all players for the Xbox Series X are prepared, because what good the best console when the current TV can not exploit the full potential, right?

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