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Luca s net definitely counts early starter. Bundesligadebüt as a 17-year-old. At the age of 17 and 274 days even the youngest Bundesligatorian of Bertha BSC. Club change with 18th and recently already the premiere for the German U-21 national team. It s always fast-forward to the teenager who could also take a surprisingly fast foot in Playback. On eight out of ten match days, net was used, stood seven times in the starting eleven. A balance that certainly not expected many critics of the club change. Also network itself have not necessarily expected with this flash start, he says, but I m glad it came so. The change was definitely worthwhile. I had a clear plan — and that has been totally risen
Advantageous is proving that VFL coach ADI Hunter has favored the system with triple chain for quite some time. In the preferred role as rail players on the left-hand train, net may live his offensive urge and does not just need to close the page back. As a classic left-back in a four-chain, it s sometimes a bit boring, jokes net, I also like to take my offensive qualities. Find the one-counter-one situations, beat flanks, even push into the final area, belongs to his game.

While he sees in the defensive work especially in the type of two-stroke lead. In Playback under Hunter you go directly to the man on it, explains net. I still want to go more aggressive in the two-fighting. Also make the last step and not stop before the opponent. Overall, he was of course satisfied with its development, emphasizing net, but self-critical he says as well: I know that with me could go even more. I could be better to get more out.

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Well possible that the youngster may again show after his debut against Israel (3: 2) in October in the German U 21, which is in him. In the European Championship, Poland and San Marino and Network are confident: If we play what we can, and take the mentality from the games against Israel and Hungary, I am confident that we win the games.

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