There will be no syncon but it will be Eve Fanfest

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Blizzcona will not be (until appeal), but it will be Eve Fan fest — that is, the Convention dedicated to Eve Online, and perhaps first Fandom Eve Online, which are in the world hundreds of thousands.

EVE Fanfest 2015: Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VR

Eve Fan fest will return in 2022 to the normal offline form. Eager players will be able to go to the capital of Iceland (there is CCP s headquarters there), meet developers and hear what is new to their beloved title in the future.

The convent is planned for 6-7 May.

The time has come to finally connect with other pilots from around the world — in person — because Eve Fan fest returns to Iceland in 2022! Because the opportunity to meet friends from space and shared celebration again becomes a reality, this unique event can not be missed after such a long separation.

You can already order tickets, the cost of which is from 150 to $295 — willing to welcome here.

Of course, not counting travel costs, which will also not belong to cheap. But on the other hand, Eve Online players rather afford such an expense. These are not a penny teenager, but most mature people over 30, 40, sometimes 50 years of age.

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