Pok mon best champions of all time all classified 9

9 . Wallace

Best Pokémon champions

Wallace is one of two leaders of gyms that became champions. He is a master of Water-type Pokémon and the lowest champion. He is more concerned about making a fashion statement that fight, so he is the last in this list of best pokemon champions of all time.

He is not threatening nor particularly strong, although he is one of the last survivors of the ancient village of Sootopolis. Since the specialty of it is weak against common attacks (such as electricity and grass), tear it down is one of the easiest battles you ll have.

Did I mention that he only got the job because he was the best friend of former champion? It all depends on who you know in the Pokemon world.

8 . Alder

Best Pokémon champions

The original champion of the Unova region is so realistic one of the strongest coaches this list, but Alder was not the same after a tragic accident. Alder pursued only force until the initial Pokémon he died.

This led him to despair and became a wandering vagrant rediscovering himself. Everything is going well, but he practically gave the position him and left the Pokémon League in a dead end.

Leave things in the hands of the Elite Four and rarely presented to the battle against worthy trainers have damaged the credibility of him as champion.

7 . Diantha

Best Pokémon champions

Be a famous movie star with your own fan club is amazing. What s even more impressive is to be a movie star champion Pokémon.

She is the first champion to use the megaevolución and, unlike other champions, you find yourself alone with her briefly before it reveals who was hers. Diantha may seem distant and shy, but actually she is very friendly.

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Woman being busy she is she, she just takes the time to recognize that coaches she judges have real potential. Although Diantha has an impressive resume, lack of public appearances she and her selectivity make it more primadona that champion.

6 . Spear

Best Pokémon champions

The leader of the four elites in the region that started it all has become the champion of second generation. Undoubtedly one of the best teachers Pokemon Dragons universe, Lance lacks diversity in his team. He has three Dragonites, it would not be a problem if common movement Ice Beam would not destroy them directly.

In fact, there are only two Pokémon on the team he would not be completely destroyed by this.

Lance is a strong and wise leader, but when 67% of the equipment it can be removed at once, there is little he can do.

5. Lion

Best Pokémon champions

Leon is where the list really starts to grow. Lion Galar region is a formidable enemy and if you have not followed the level of your Pokémon, you punish absolutely. While the brother hop it s kind of lovable loser, he is undefeated Leon, competitive and hates to lose and it shows when he fights with you. While most leaders Sword and Shield gym are fairly easy, there is a large increase in difficulty when you face Leon.

The team he is not the one who would like to find in an alley, as they are well balanced and significar : Aegislash, Dragapult, Haxorus, Seismitoad, the initial Pokémon that has an advantage over yours and Charizard Gigantamax. All these Pokémon are strong enough and have between 60 and 60 years, so do not relax or go badly.

4. Iris

Best Pokémon champions

Iris is not only the youngest but also the first person of color in the history of Pokemon games for the job.

Originally the leader Opelucid Gym, she was asked she became the champion after that Alder finally quit her job forever. She not only accepted responsibility for her, but she also flourished, giving new life to the League Pokémon Unova region.

She is a dragon Pokémon master, but unlike Lance, the team is balanced and it does not have the same devastating weakness against the ice. With a charming personality, this prodigy is a worthy foe.

3. Blue / Green / Gary Oak

Best Pokémon champions

The original champion has many names, but whatever name you know him, he s skills were formidable. He was a great rival and claimed to have a complete team at a time when the formation of teams was an afterthought.

Despite being an idiot, he took seriously put him and destroyed many coaches first generation that still had no idea of ​​what was needed to be a teacher. Although short-lived, he possessed all the qualities needed to be a great champion.

2. Steven Pierre

Best Pokémon champions

This man is fascinated by the world around him. An avid collector of rare stones and proactive community leader him, Steven position does not let him help you prevent those in need.

When he is not on duty, he travels to Hoenn to meet people and know what is really important for them to improve the lives of people and Pokémon.

Steven is a type Pokémon Master of Steel who has ten different resistance and immunity to the poison. Even with the Fire Pokémon by your side, he has earthworks in his back pocket and remains fully focused no matter the circumstances.

1. Cynthia

Best Pokémon champions

Cynthia is the matriarch of the Sinnoh region and the crème de la crème of all Pokémon League champions. She is fierce in every sense of the word and music has the best fighting games.

Cynthia is considered by many as the toughest of all before and after the champions. She is not afraid to change the strategy to combat it on the fly and Garchomp it has destroyed many dreams and striking fear among coaches around the world.

She never refuses a challenge and, wherever they go, a perfect breeze blowing through her hair surely follow. Perfect

So who is your favorite champion? Be sure to let us know below.

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