More than 300 000 types of crossed zoos operation Sim let s Build A Zoo Released in Japanese correspondence

World Zoo is a zoo building strategy game created and also released by Frontier Developments for Windows. The video game appeared on 5 November 2019.

No more robots launched the SpringLoaded Development Simulation Let s Build A Zoo and released the trailer.

This game is a single play work that satisfies the park and aims to develop a garden while managing animals, breeding, breeding, breeding, breeding, breeding, breeding and veterinarians are managed by a zoo building construction. Single play work.


Most feature is that different species animals are combined with genetic manipulation, and there is a function that can produce strange animals, such as kirin elephants, panda floes, chickens and owl capivators, such as chicken elephants and panda crows. There are more than 300,000 combinations. Even with the same kind of mating, hair color change etc.

In addition, it is possible to manufacture products using artifacts from cultivation of crops, meat processing using animals, and various animals that differ from trading of world zoo, and price settings for domestic products, and perform tasks and events. It seems that fun is prepared.

Let s Build A Zoo that is likely to be a play pattern that is largely different for each player, for PC (STeam), usual 2,050 yen, 10% off until November 13, 1,845 yen. During delivery.

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