Skyrim s torture chamber Player discovers a horrible place

Almost 10 years after the release of Skyrim there are still some secrets in the sky edge that does not know each other. A player for example has discovered a hidden torture chamber in which NPCs are held trapped against their will.

Skyrim: Players discovered secret torture chamber

Skyrim is a game that seems endless and has much to offer thanks to the huge Open World map. For example, small secrets, are new for almost ten years after the release for some.

Reddit users XX stevenhawking discovered, for example, the true chamber of horror and reveals how they can enter them. For this purpose, only a console command is necessary.

Opens the console with the ^ button to enter the command COC AAADEETEWHENDONETESTJEREMY. You will then automatically teleport into the said chamber.

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What is in the hidden chamber?

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There are three NPCs in the torture chamber who have to pour coal in stoves in the darkness and there is even a small feature: if you interrupt the figure called testjeremysmall at work, he shrinks. With TestJeremybig it is, as the name already reveals, exactly the other way around. But why is the torture chamber serving?

Reddit users have an idea. Dinowithissues, for example, suspected that the poor souls have to run Skyrim with the stoves to run, and Crupp0 tells that the huge NPC can sometimes appear in the regular sky edge – an unsuccessful escape attempt.

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Despite all theories it is clear, that Bethesda has used this chamber for tests, but it s always fun to discover these little secrets.

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