Nintendo overcomes complaints N64 command for Nintendo Switch runs up to 2022

After announcing an extra subscription pack that Past for a few weeks of the most controversial. However, it seems that everything goes on wheels in the Japanese company, because its control of N64 has exhausted its reserves a few weeks from presenting.

More controls will be available at 2022 Nintendo This has noticed the VGC media after checking that the official Nintendo store in the USA. Shows the following message: More controls will be available EN 2022. As for the controls of Mega Drive, the same source reports that there is still stock in US stores. And Canada, where it is known as Sega Genesis.

The Nintendo proposal has not gone unnoticed in the videogame industry, since it announced the arrival of the N64 and Mega Drive games through a new payment service that has been considered abusive. Weeks later, the company added the animal Crossing DLC: New Horizons in the pack, but this did not calm a community that was already angry. To put fuel to fire, many problems have also been reported around the quality of the emulators, since they have been observed moments of input lag and a particular buttons mapping, among other things.

The Nintendo Switch Online expansion is a disaster

In short, an amalgam of problems that has generated an avalanche of Dislikes in its Nintendo Switch online announcement, without this being harmed the slightest in Nintendo sales. After all, this news only indicates that there are a good number of players interested in Back to the Nintendo 64 adventures, as long as we do not count with users speculators. In another order of things, we recently live something similar with Xbox Series X mini-fridge, which exhausted its reservations in 15 minutes. One more sample that a simple idea can enormously captivate the community.

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