NEW WORLD Streamer Shroud explains why he remains in the MMO despite criticism

The Streamer Michael Shroud Grzesiek was already a fan of the MMOS New World before the launch. He had a lot of praise for the game, but did not held back with criticism. Only recently, among other things, he explained why New World in the Younger Past lost so many players or still loses. But despite the negative aspects he keeps the title faithful – why?

That says Shroud about his slope to New World

Recently, he reacted during a stream on appropriate hints of his viewers. He realized that he definitely recognizes the problems of New World and lies a lot of the MMO in the argen. Nevertheless, it repeats him again and again into the online world – simply because he could have a good time.

I m about it. I do not care. I do not care how crappy the wars are. I do not care how many different dupe bugs are there. I m here, I m still in it. It s not all good. It s bad, it s good, it s fun, it s garbage – like all games, if you are honest.

What are the biggest problems of New World?

In the past few weeks there were some difficulties with which the MMO had to fight from Amazon Game Studios. This has already expelled many players, the trend continues to show down. We present you a small overview of the recent problems at this point:

Repeated problems with server transfer
Numerous bots and gold farmers
a dupe exploit
General problems with the economic system
An annoying invulnerability bug in the PVP

What END GAME Looks Like in NEW WORLD! & Discussing Bugs, Improvements & MORE!
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The Twitch Streamer Shroud remains despite all the criticism of New World. (2) [Source: Amazon Game Studios]

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