Chernobylite patch fixes problem with damaged scales

For the console versions of Chernobylite, a patch is now available, which fixes the problem with damaged scales as well as other errors and adds a few additional options, such as a photomodus, adds a few additional options.

On the official website, the team thanks all console players who helped by submitting bug reports in the development of this patch. At the same time, they apologize for the inconvenience caused by the mistakes and hope that their Chernobylite can now be fully enjoyed.

The full patchotes:

Fixed problems with damaged scales
Fixed several causes for crashes
Reflective drifts of the controller
Fixed bug where the sound was reset to Russian after the restart of the game

Fixed problems with slowly charging textures
FPS increments fixed during automatic storage
Added option to switch the motion blur
Fotomodus added
Changes to the balance
A rare problem with vanishing terrain has been fixed
Other small error corrections

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