Little Devil Inside New trailer shows the world map

There is fresh Gameplay from Little Devil Inside, which should appear 2022 for PC, PS5 and PS4.

Little Devil Inside has been in development for a long time and have been announced for several years, but only 2020 attention to Sony s Showcase Events to PS5 games greater attention. Over a year later, we have now received a more detailed insight into the action adventure of the Indie Studio Neostream Interactive. It s the world map for the first time.

In Little Devil Inside, you do not explore any contiguous Open World. Instead, the game offers a top world map with Tilt-Shift effect, which you may explore freely. You do not travel here from a missionary to the next. Again and again there are events on the map. Some are optional, some not. Most of these interactions are rather simplicous in nature, according to the developers, for example if you grab a roadblock or refuel your vehicle. Yes, in Little Devil Inside you are not just on foot, but can also drive by car. There is also a riding of riding and you can take the train. Although you are significantly slower by Pedes, you can achieve places that otherwise remain denied.

LITTLE DEVIL INSIDE - NEW RELEASE INFO! New Trailer Breakdown! World Map And Travel Explained!
Neostream points out that in Little Devil Inside it is not about making progress as soon as possible. That s why the game speed is very low, even if you look at the car by the area. You should have the atmosphere on you, rather than rushing from a mission to the next. Fits in Little Devil Inside also there is no speed.

Little Devil Inside is supposed to come to the market sometime 2022. It will, as known in the past year, will only appear for PC, PS5 and PS4 for the time being. For the Xbox consoles and the switch it follows later due to a deal with Sony.

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