Guild Wars 2 The useless skills in the game

Guild Wars 2 relies on a large supply of a wide variety of skills to offer our Ingame heroes for every situation helpful tools. With Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons come back in February 2022 again a lot of new skills into the game, but we are currently asking ourselves: Can not even a lot away? Or do least many spells and attacks a rework? We introduce you to a few of the worst skills that you can never set.

What skills do you think of which no one should rely on more? Write it to us in the commentary under this article!

Worst of Guild Wars 2: These skills are currently simply useless

The protected turrets of the engineer : Be it the flame tower, gun tower, rocket tower or network tower \ – In the meantime, the constructions of the engineer are an absolute relic. Mieser damage, little life points. Can not get blessings, but states. Away from role play no engineer should rely on these skills. Where is the Turret Rework?
Summon Flame Button: The elementary coach can produce different weapons from elements, but many are not worth the cancellation. Above all, the flame ax does not have useful effects nor the damage of a fiery greater sword s.
Pain absorption : Bock to give yourself a game over? Then simply as a predominator all states of allies on you even – in most cases you simply bite through this skill into the grass. Whether that really helps the team will not know.
Dear Defender : As Mesmer you have access to a few excellent support skills. This does not belong to it. Because with a huge cooldown of 45 seconds, the provoke effect just does not pay off, while the damage fails too low.
Immediate threat of groundbreaker : A pattern example for a skill that can not keep up with the competition. Because fears me! has a larger radius, is unlockable, usable with each warrior spec, has similar CC effect.

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These are a few of the worst skills in Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now). Or do you know your good application possibilities for you? Which insider tip skill do many underestimate? And which magic belongs to the worst of list? Betray us in the comments!

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