Guild Wars 2 becomes a new extension of the hardcore wish

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG for Windows. It was, as well as the predecessor Guild Wars, developed by Arenanet and published by Publisher NCSoft on August 28, 2012 for the first time.
Arenanet had at the concept behind Guild Wars 2 the vision to break with the conventions existing at that time in the game segment and to question them. Therefore, as already in its predecessor, no monthly charges were estimated here. The basic game has been free since 30 August 2015, with some restrictions. After the purchase, the game is then, including all up-to-date extensions and without further fees, playable unlimited. The revenues are generated exclusively by the units sold and the item-integrated item shop. The events in Guild Wars 2 is created 250 years after the first part. During this time, much has changed for the inhabitants of the fictitious continent Tyria. They all have passed through changes and are now faced with different new problems and dangers. The shamans no longer govern the Charr that Asura populated the surface, the norn were expelled from their homeland, people have lost great areas and the Sylvari awoke from the flowers of the pale tree.
In addition, Tyria is still attacked by six primeval, mysterious old dragons. This forces the five big peoples to forget their long-cherished differences and forges alliances to pass against the common threat.

With End of Dragons Revised GUILD WARS 2 The attack missions. In the future, these are to offer two levels of difficulty and so difficult to apply as new Raid bosses. This means that the hardcore community is finally requested again.

What was announced? In a new blog post, the Attack Missions 2.0 were presented. In the new enlargement end of Dragons, these are to be crispy, especially through challenge mode.

So far, the attack missions such as a seiched entry into the group content of Guild Wars 2. With a total of 10 players, you fight against a boss from the story, which offers different mechanics, but usually can be defeated by each group.

However, this should change with the new challenge mode. According to the developers, they should feel like right batting bosses. This is a big change, because the hardcore players were very neglected in the last 16 months.

fights are first difficult and then made easier

What are the new attack missions out? As before, you are specifically fighting a boss in the attack missions. In normal mode, it will continue to be easily defeated.

In challenge mode, however, he should get new mechanics and offer surprises. In addition, certain damage thresholds are expected by the players. So if you control your class only moderately, will have difficulties with this mode.

So that the bosses are really crisp, they were developed from top to bottom. So it was first created a heavy version for challenge mode, which was then attenuated for normal mode. However, normal mode should retain the core of the boss s abilities so that you can train there.

Start the challenge modes immediately? No. The developers emphasize that players should first be familiar with the stories in the world and the new elite specializations.

Only a few weeks after release the higher level of difficulty should come.

What about rewards? For the conclusion of attack missions in End of Dragons, there will be only one currency. This allows you to buy unique rewards, which will otherwise only be given as Drops at the Bosses. So if you have drop bad luck, so sometime guarantees its desired reward.

In addition, you should be able to exchange the currency of the new attack missions into the currencies for the old missions from the Eisbrut Saga if the new boss fighting tempts the old one.

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The hardcore community has suffered hard in recent years

Why is this change so important? Guild Wars 2 and his RAID content have a difficult relationship:

The release has been completely dispensed with RAIDS. However, the 5-player dungeons offered only a small level of difficulty.
With the extension Heart of Thorns, 3 RAID wings were published for groups of 10 players, which even arrived really well. The bosses were crispy and challenging for the previous community.

Immersive Guild Wars 2 Story Recap For End of Dragons
Unfortunately, Arenanet was hardly behind with the RAID content. The guilds completed the RAIDs faster than the developers could reorganize. In addition, with the time of difficulty, something sank. So the first raids were the hardest at the same time.

Since May 2019 – and thus just under 2.5 years – no one RAID was published more. Instead, you have focused on the missions that have rather directed to casuals. The big RAID guilds, on the other hand, were quickly bored.

Now comes with End of Dragons finally like a content, the right challenge promises. How hard the bosses become really and whether they are rewarding enough, we will probably only experience after the release in February 2022.

What do you think about the new way Guild Wars 2 goes with the endgame content? How do you find the mixture of normal and challenge mode in the attack missions?

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