LOL The data unites FAKER with one of its rivals and makes them unique in the Worlds 2021

The careers of the professional players of League of Legends are usually marked by volatility. The competitive sector is still young and can be counted on the fingers of a hand the veterans who have decided to maintain throughout all their years of activity in a single organization. However, the draw of the Worlds 2021 has wanted two rivals in the group stage to represent stability and love to their team: Faker and Yutapon.

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A fact that sister to two historic League of Legends

Faker You do not need any type of presentation. The triple champion of the world has a lustro trying to add the fourth championship of the world to the palmar├ęs of him to enhance the story of him. He debuted in the then named SK Telecom T1 when he was 17 years old and since then he has remained linked to the team. Nine seasons that will continue to add up until the player wants to retire from the competition. A situation of which he has not yet given any sign.

Interestingly, the Mid LANER Korean was the first rival that was found yutapon in the party that supposed its premiere in the group s phase of the Worlds 2021. The Japanese Detonation Focusme shooter had never participated in the World Event of the World Cup of League of Legends. A parallel race that joins FAKER to be the other player who has spent all his career in a single organization, having played some identical nine seasons with Japanese club.

Although with different reach, both are historical of the League of Legends competition. The Korean mid laner as a world idol and the Japanese shooter as a regional hero, they already had a first confrontation that was resolved with a forceful victory of T1. Now, it is to be seen if the Japanese team players continue to increase their legend and repeat the Machada of Albus Nox Luna in 2016, the only club in a smaller region that has reached the quarterfinals in the history of the Worlds.

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