Guardians of the galaxy on Metacritic a lot of praise for star

With Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy today appears a singleplayer experience that waives almost any frills. Pure into the game, some chapters master and have fun with the extraordinary hero troupe. International media representatives could test the action adventure from release and distribute a lot of praise for the performance of Star Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax.

Value overview and metacritic score:

Metacritic Dust Guardians at 66 reviews An average rating of 81 points .

opencritic are even proud 82 points at 103 reviews .

What is praised, what criticizes?

In order to give you a better overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Marvel s Guardians, here the most important points according to criticism.

That s positive:

Relationship of the humorous heroes group with each other
Entertaining Story (about 20 hours)
Varied locations
Accessible combat system
Great soundtrack

Colleague Vali Aschenbrenner writes in its detailed test for Gamestar :

Guardians of the Galaxy is a successful single player game with a strong story, whose fights would have needed more food bitterly.

That s negative:

Fighting system with quirks

Annoying Huddle feature
Reset points not optimal
Test version technically not flawless

You can watch the test video of colleague Christian Fritz Schneider here:

Guardians of the galaxy in the singleplayer experience test

For us, Collegin Eleen already could with the Milano through the galaxy nozzles and has experienced a very fun action adventure with the heroic force, which, however, comes with small playful weaknesses. Your detailed review can be found on singleplayer experience .

Have you already played Guardians? What does your new trip of Star Lord, Rocket and Co.?

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