Monster Development SLG Monster Farm 1 2 DX Steam Store Page Released Ultra luxurious limited edition on the official site is also accepting

Cae Tecmo Games has released the Steam Store page of the Monster Development Simulation Monster Farm 1 & 2 DX scheduled to be released for December 9, 2021 PC / Nintendose switch.

This work is a work that sets monster farm released in 1997 for playstation and Monster Farm 2 released in 1999. Unlike the released transplantation version, new elements such as overseas version monster implementation training memo high-speed operation mode are added.

Playstation Edition Release The system to play monsters from CDs that was installed at the time of 2019 is changed from the transferred version of 2019 to the Research from a dedicated CD database and playing monsters . In the STEAM store page, Japanese is not supported for the convenience of the system, but in the case of purchase from Japan, it will be Japanese.

Monster Farm 1 & 2 DX will be released on December 9, 2021 for PC (STeam) / Nintendose switch. Monster Farm 1 & 2 DX with Golden Motter Metal Figure also comes with a Monster Farm 1 & 2 DX on the world.

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