WoW TBC Classic Is there a bug that Resist

A few days ago, the player Steezo took the time to report in the official WOW forum from a bug, which he and other affected people wanted to discover in Burning Crusade Classic. This bug relates to the magic resistors of characters in the PVP and the different talents, with which one can usually provide that spells with a higher chance to hit the black.

In summary, the player claims that the following talents in the PVP have not been calculated correctly since the start of Phase 2 when it comes to the question of whether spells meet the targeted goal or if the magic is resisted:

Shadow Focus
Elementary precision
Elementary precision
Trap control

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The result of the bug: targeted characters resist conjugates much more often than it was the case in the original TBC. In fact, the above-mentioned talents should be currently completely useless in the PVP, which at the same time also means that classes and specializations are the advantage that does not rely on such talents in the PVP or anyway can not resort.

What does Blizzard say?

Meanwhile, Community Manager Kaivax has risen extensively to the BUG report in the official forum. These are the findings:

During the development of patch 2.5.2 for TBC Classic, the developers had found a bug that caused resistance effects of talents such as invincible will or Safe stand in combination with magic chill-based resistors not correctly function. Say: The resist rates in Phase 1 of TBC Classic differed slightly from those in the original patch 2.4.3, which serves as the basis for TBC Classic.
In the course of the remedy of this bug, the developers also examined how the calculation of Resists had changed between patch 1.12 and 2.4.3, and they discovered that there were further differences in Phase 1 formula.
With phase 2, several fixes came into play, thanks to which the formula should now very accurately reflect the former stand from patch 2.4.3.

The first player mentioned was right with his observation: there are more resists in Phase 2 than still in phase 1. However, Phase 1 was the problem and not the status quo.

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