The RPG Cassette Beasts is confirmed on consoles and in the Game Pass

Always under development, the Pokémon-like Cassette Beasts takes a big step before its exit. Now with the support of the Raw Fury publisher, this retro roles game will launch not only on PC but also on Switch and Xbox consoles, as well as in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Cassette Beasts Announcement Trailer

Developed by the British Studio Independent ByTten, Cassette Beasts Refights a little over a year after its ad. This open world role play in which small monsters do not live here in tall grass but in audio cassettes (these rectangular stuff that were there before MP3 players). Our heroin, Kayleigh, is able to turn into these creatures to fight, but also to combine two to create a new form to the particular powers.

As in Pokémon, some capabilities of these monsters can be used to explore the open world, such as the power to fly, swim, climb etc. A formula that finds its place on SWITCH console, in addition to confirming on Xbox One and Series. Cassette Beasts , already expected on PC, will be in addition in the game pass subscription, leaving as well as playstation players on the key.

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