The control had the stable sales says the CEO of Remedy

The History Of Remedy Games
When Metroidvania makes shadow Control has not exceeded the sales the sales after its release of August, the fans were worried that the last title of Remedy Entertainment was bombed commercially and would probably see not now.

However, in a recent interview with, TERO Virtala, CEO of Remedy, said the game had the stable sales although it does not illuminate the sales charts.

Virtala told the point of sale that since Control was made in three years and had a budget of less than 30 million euros , then it did not require the same number of lives as many Other games with the larger development budgets .

As a result, even if Control has not had just the Record sales out, we are in a good position with the stable sales, said Virtala. We always have a long-term vision here.

He added that most of the long-term sales of modern games come from digital shops and that the last game of Remedy continues to sell .

If you wish to know more about Control Then read our criticism that rented the narration and design the levels of the game.

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