Metro Redux for Switch listed for an exit in February by a French retailer

The French retailer World Trade & Technologies has presented a Switch version of A4 Games Russian Survival Horror Metro in the form of metro Redux for sale shortly, with an exit date and a recommended selling price included.

The list declares that the game is scheduled for February 28, and with a retail price at the exit of € 49.99, which would become approximately $ 55. The list also includes versioning information, including reworked graphics, improved IA and improved fighting.

The Video Games About 9/11

The metro reduux the assembly comprises copies of metro 2033 and Métro last light , with the first based on the book of the same name of the Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro 2033 Redux is also delivered with several engine upgrades that were not present on the original version to bring its fidelity tied with its suite in the last light. The games are excellent atmospheric adventures that depend on the intelligence of your resources.

The success of the Games led to a new suite that came out last year with metro Exodus . He attracted the attention of the community of PC players after advertising that the game would be an EPIC Game Store exclusivity despite the opening of the Steam Pre-ordered Game.

However, the first two games were somewhat known for their poor optimization, which led to low frequencies of images in most situations. While the reduction output of the two games has improved some of the technical problems, the reduced power of the switch could make it difficult to play a frequency of stable images.

Although there was previously rumors of a Switch exit for both games, no official word was given by the Koch Media publisher.

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