FIFA 22 Matthhijs of LIGT RTTK SBC cheap solutions to the challenge of a large central

We are already underway with Road to The Knockouts, the new FIFA 22 event focused on the Champions League, the maximum continental competition. So, it s time to get new special letters that improve our Ultimate Team teams.

Now, it touches the shift for FIFA 22 MATTHIJS FIFA solutions, the Juventus Central, which obtains a special letter with an average of 87. It will cost you between 80,000 and 92,000 coins made with the letter from it.

Is it worth the LIGT RTTK? This central is one of the best game for now, and essential if you have a team focused on the series A or with players from Netherlands. Even so, he can fit well with your equipment thanks to his 85 defense and 88 of physicist. He is optimal to the cut and on the air balls, so he will fulfill more than enough.

We leave you solutions to the challenge of it . As always, we leave orientate templates with which the challenges are met, but you can make it adapted to your players or buying those who leave you to ensure that you meet the requirements.


Gold Template

11 players: gold
Equipment chemistry: min. 30

Single gold template


11 players: single gold
Equipment chemistry: min. 30

Note For these first two templates we do not put a solution because you will practically arrive at 30 chemistry by setting 11 players with the features indicated.

Tactical emulation

Piemonte Players Calcium: Min. 1
Average equipment assessment: min. 82
Equipment chemistry: min. 75

Series A Tim

Serie players A: min. 1
Average valuation of the equipment: min. 83
Equipment chemistry: min. 70

National duty

Players from Netherlands: min. 1
Average valuation of the equipment: min. 84
Equipment chemistry: min. 65

Template assessment: 85

Average valuation of the equipment: min. 85
Equipment chemistry: min. 60

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