You can not play New World with your friends An important point has changed

The new MMO NEW WORLD at the beginning had some difficulties, which have been disturbed especially if you wanted to play together with his friends. One of the most important interference factors is now disappeared.

Why could not be played with friends? For the launch of New World were as good as all the servers overcrowded. People were waiting for part hours in line, just to finally log in.

This quickly led that Amazon locked most of the German servers for new characters because they were just too full. This means that it was not possible for a long time to create a character at 43 of the 45 German servers at all.

So if you started a bit later than your friends, you can not even call the same server as you. And even if you already be on the right server, you have to go to the queues at the same time. This was partly associated with very long waiting times.

This led to players at all no longer have been logged out and the cities were full of people running against walls. Amazon reacted and introduced measures to find and throw out such players.

What has changed? Most European Servers of New World are now available for character poses. The chance that you can play together with your friends, so have risen massively.

But another thing has already passed himself almost secretly, although it was one of the biggest problems of New World, at least to the start. The queues are largely the past.

This was especially noticeable on Friday evening when we were able to log in to the editors without queue. Likewise, this went on Saturday afternoon as well as on Sunday evening, that is to the actually peak times.

New World - Before You Buy

The game numbers have hardly changed overall. Especially at the times mentioned times were temporarily over 670,000 people in New World (via

Nevertheless, we can not find any or only very small queues of less than 10 minutes on the Ravenal, Asgard, Vimur and Vyrij servers. This status now keeps stable almost an entire week. This makes it easier to play with friends enormously.

Now is a good time to start New World

Why exactly now? For just over two weeks, the island of Aternum is now open, for all, who wants to look at New World once more closely. By eliminating the queues and the limited server, it is no longer a problem to play together with your friends.

Even if they have been playing since release, it s not too late yet to catch up with them and together experience the higher expeditions. In addition, your still comes in time to see how the cities build up slowly and find out more and more things.

Nevertheless, you do not have to realize everything myself, because the New World community was diligent and has already created various guides in the last two weeks, which can help you if you want it.

So you can still experience the feeling of something new and at the start of a large MMORPG, but are no longer instructed to find out everything or be separated from your friends.

The perfect time to start New World and make Aeternum unsure.

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What is New World actually? New World is the new MMO from Amazon, which is already showing as a bomb in a short time. On Steam, over 900,000 people played at times, at the same time New World and on Twitch, it quickly succeeded in 1th place.

The game sends you on the island of Aerneum. There it is about clarifying the secrets of the magical Azoth, which makes you immortal. You conclude one of three fractions and fights for the supremacy on the island.

New World offers the following features:

PVE content that turns to explore and life skills and dungeons and World events
PVP in the Open World as well as in separate game modes and in the big 50VS50 battles
Housing and the opportunity to have the most beautiful house of all to show it to anyone
A classless character system where you are what you are wearing. You have 11 different weapons to choose from
A sophisticated guild system in which you can even rule as a guild about a city
An outstanding sound design that offers you actual added value in the game

How can you play? New World is available on Amazon and via Steam for 39.99 €. Everything you need then is a steam account. It is important to mention that the purchase on Amazon also brings only one steam code and a steam account is mandatory for playing New World. How do you like New World? Are you with it from the beginning or do you now think about risking a look? Have you already noticed you as an active player that the queues were significantly reduced? Or is the full booth on your server? Write it in the comments. Our editor Alexander Leitsch bothers himself at the interaction but not only to the queues: New World wants to be a social MMO, but it makes it too much wrong.

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