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The makers of Pokémon Go recently announced that they want to test smaller gameplay changes regionally before they released them to the entire playership. Among other things, there was talk of new pokéstop functions. For weeks, rumors have been around in the community of a level system for Pokéstops. And look at! This level system can currently be tried by Pokémon Go coaches in New Zealand!

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Pokéstops Levels

To boost a pokéstop, you have to scan it. The interaction radius is not like currently used at 80 meters, but at 40. Scans a Pokéstop, then a 3D model of this Points of Interest is created. Players report that the highest steps of a Stop 0 Stop 0 on Level 1 needs five scans. With each scan then the corresponding strip fills up ten points. Accordingly, a pokéstop requires

5 Scans for Upgrading Stage 0 to Level 1
10 Scans for upgrading Level 1 to Level 2
25 Scans for Upgrading Stage 2 on Level 3

All in all, 40 scans are needed to bring a Pokéstop of Stage 0 to Level 3. However, there are restrictions at the current test. It does, the authors of Pokémon Go Hub, which appear to be upgraded that only one pokéstop or an arena per S2-level 14 cell can be upgraded. Very short: S2 cells are a mathematical approach to computers to translate our 3D sphere (ie the earth) into geometric 2D patterns. The basic framework of Pokémon Go is based on this system. The higher the level of an S2 cell, the smaller this cell.

Applied to Pokémon Go means the following: In a level 17 cell, only one pokéstop or an arena may be – such a cell is about as large as two detached houses. Each Level 14 cell contains 64 levels-17 cells (for remembrance: the higher the level of a cell, the smaller it is). Accordingly, the restrictions of the Pokéstop Levelsystem are already relatively high.

What makes a deleted Pokéstop?

The exploits take a while and grant any coach Boni, which interacts with the Pokéstop or the Arena. Upgrading to Level 1 stops for 48 hours during the current test phase, while Level 2 and 3 are active twelve hours. When the upgrade time has expired, the upgraded point of interest is returned to level 0 again.

And what do the upgraded Pokéstops? On Level 1, your bonus items gets you when you turn on the photo windfall. On Level 2, in addition to the bonus items, there is also a bonus heart for your buddy. On level 3, it will be a little worthwhile: In addition to bonus items and a bonus heart, bonus spawns and bonus master balls in a RAID (only with arenas) await you (only at Pokéstops). A first conclusion of the coach: A upgrade A Pokéstops over Level 1 does not have enough bonuses to balance the cost of scans. Let s see if the developers of Niantic still turn after completing a first test phase.

In principle, however, a way that is linked to arena fighting, to enhance a pokéstop or an arena, to be the right solution – otherwise as in the original iteration of arena fights and their defense. We are curious to turn the controls from Pokémon Go in the respects.

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