Michael Caine is officially removed from acting

After more than 70 years, Michael Caine has announced its withdrawal from the world of action. After the most recent film, Best Sellers , the 88-year-old actor assured that no longer possible to continue working in this medium, and in the place of him, he will choose to write books. Important noting that Caine is already familiar with this, because he is the author of three memoirs including what s it all about? An autobiography .

Caine revealed this news during the program Kermode and May s film review of BBC Radio 5 , and this was what he said about it:

I obtained the role of an alcoholic in Best Sellers, and interestingly, it also turned out to be my last role, seriously. I say it because I have not worked in two years. I have a column problem that affects my legs, so I can not walk very well. And I have also written several books, which have already been published and have been successful, so I will no longer be an actor – but a writer.

It s somewhat lovely, because as an actor, you must get up at six in the morning to go to the studio. The writer can work without having to get up from his bed.

A CAINE You will remember it for the role of it as Alfred Pennyworth at the Trilogy of The Dark Knight , as well as in Tenet , film starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson. Caine was an actor who normally appeared in films of Christopher Nolan , so if someone really is going to miss him, he will be this filmmaker.

Editor s note: It is certainly sad to have to say goodbye to someone with as much talent as Caine , but it has definitely earned this well-deserved rest. The actor s fans will be able to continue interacting with him through the different books he is going to write, but unfortunately we will not see it on the big screen.

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