Path of Expatriation Scourge Patch Notes Are Actually Lengthy

In case you missed it, Path of Exile s 3.16 expansion, Scourge, was outlined yesterday. Today, we ve obtained some patch notes.

If you missed the Scourge news and also details, we ve got you covered right here. Grinding Equipment Games shared their patch notes for Scourge and also, yeah, they re quite long. The patch notes talks about major web content features like a brand-new Intelligence ability gem called Energy Blade, 13 new Prophecy Cards, 6 distinct things, and also more.


Spot 3.15 additionally brings improvements to Hideouts, guild, Uber end-game content, Atlas as well as map modifications, Atlas passive changes, as well as far more. Additionally, bug repairs are a thing:

Fixed a bug where Magic and Rare Monsters in Location Level 85+ areas had half the Life they were expected to.
Fixed a bug where a little number of Crafting Recipes typically unlocked by clicking interactables in areas were instead always unlocked.
Fixed a bug where the Intelligence Celebration Atlas Passive Skill would provide Knowledge for a random Immortal Distribute Safehouse to all gamers in the location. It currently just gives Knowledge to the Map owner.
Fixed a bug where Flasks with Instilling Orb modifiers such as Utilized when Costs reach complete would terminate Exploration Eruptive positioning.
Fixed a bug where Sunder might deal no damages to a target if you shed line of vision to them.
Fixed a bug with Move, Bladestorm and also Craze Vortex where targets were being struck at the end of the animations for these Abilities, as opposed to when the aesthetic impacts of the Abilities overlooked them.
Fixed a bug where the target limitation on Bladestorm and Rage Vortex would certainly not reset between repeats when making use of Multistrike.

You can check out the full patch notes below. Path of Expatriation s most recent growth is coming soon on October 22.

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