Ubi Soft Parscraper 6 Console Version Package Released today

[Data provided: Intra Games]

\ – Action FPS New

\ – The disgrace of the Garyla Revolution for the liberation of the dictatorship regime, Dani Rohs is the main character

Game Development and Distribution, Publishing Company, Ubi Soft Entertainment, cooperated with Intra Games, Pacai 6 and PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X version package are released today (7 days) today.

In , the player becomes the guerrilla revolution to freeen the residents of the Yarra region from the suppression rule of the dictator, and from the suppressive ruling of the dictatories.

The player should explore the vast open world to the cities that are corrupted from the lush jungle, visiting the hidden Guerren Camp, gathering a hidden guerrilla camp, collecting soldiers and resources, and perform the mission of the current regime and overturn the tyrants.

In <Parchal 6, the Miusi Gonzales, who was in the American Famous drama Braking Bad , and the Missy of the Animation of the Animation Coco , and the main character of the animated Coco , .

The latest work of the Action FPS Series is officially released as PS4, PS5, Xbox series X version, and details can be found in official homepage .

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