How to make a steep arm in Madden 21

Perform a steep arm on your opponent in football can be a great way to avoid a tackle and continue to earn yards. For those who may not know what a stiff arm is, it s just when a balloon carrier, like a broad recipient or balloon carrier, extends an arm with the intention of repelling a defender. As in real football, you can make a steep arm in Madden 21, and it s actually quite simple. Here s how to proceed.

To use a rigid arm, press A on an Xbox controller, or X on a PlayStation handle, when you carry the ball in Madden. The key when you do one it s that you have to make sure that the defender you want to repel is on the side of your free arm. To illustrate, if a defender comes to you on the left side and your left arm is free, a steep arm can be executed successfully.

Keep in mind, however, that you will want to hit the opposition with a steep arm at the right time. If you do it while an opposing defender is right next to your aircraft holder, it s too late. There must be a little distance between you and the defender, so be sure to gauge this amount of space before deciding whether or not to use a steep arm.

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