Angry Birds 2 receives a fascinating crossover event with the educational

One of my favorite activities in relation to the world of mobile playing is the sheer number of confusing crossover events that we see between popular games. In this case, however, the crossover is not even between two games, no, Sir: Rovios Hit-Puzzler Angry Birds 2 will go with the Lern-App Duolingo.

During the one-month events, Duolingo s owl mascot (Duo) will appear in Angry Birds 2 as part of the game plan. They have the unique opportunity to spin the poor duo on all kinds of pigs and dangers and to turn to him for these terrible evil duolingo-owls memories from some time ago.

But that s not all … Angry Birds 2 s Red will also appear in the middle of your duolingo lessons to encourage them a little while they continue to make fun of the language they want to learn. Both Duo and Red will lead a humorous dialogue and hopefully keep their mood up.

During the Crossover period, a series of rewarded video placements in the Duolingo app will contain a special Angry Birds 2 video display that shows all nice things that you can reach in Rovios Hit.

To say that we treated the Angry Birds series fairly detailed, something was understood. We have many opinions about the games ranging from good to not good. Then recently compiled a comprehensive review of Angry Bird s history and to film the progress of games and examined. It s worth reading if you re a fan of games or feel any kind of nostalgia for the long-standing series.

If you want to start learning a second language, you can now download the Duolingo app from Download Appstore and Google Play. The trauma of high school French is still too big, as if I could ever consider it, unfortunately. Angry Birds 2 is also available for both if you have not tried it out iOS and Android.

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