Govee StarPal Pro Table Light Review

Govee is back again with its most current RGB illumination accessory, the StarPal Pro table lamps. These lamps take aim straight at Philips Hue Go Table Lamp, delivering portable ambient lighting at a dramatically lower cost– including white and warm white, so they can be used outside of your pc gaming den. We have actually allowed followers of the Philips lamps since their launch. Allow s see if StarPal Pros offer an affordable service while additionally conserving you a few dollars!

Specifications .

Present Rate: $65.99 (Amazon).
Trick Attributes:.
Unplug-And-Go Mobility.
Do It Yourself Impact Personalization.
32+ Stunning Scene Modes.
Songs Sync Mode.
Sleep and Wake Timers.
Physical Switch + App Control.
Technology: RGBWW.
Battery: 3350 mAh.
Voltage: 100-240V.
Cord Size: 4.9 feet (1.5 m).
Control Technique: Physical Switch & Smart Application.
Bulb Size: 6.1 inches.
Light bulb Size: 3.7 inches.
Lumens: 350.

Govee has been the RGB lights brand to expect numerous years now, beginning with RGB illumination strips and in recent years expanding into a vast range of illumination products. We just recently finished a giveaway following our evaluation of the Govee Glide Wall Surface Lighting. Prior to that it was the Govee Flow Pro LED Light Bars, which installed behind your monitor. Prior to that was the Immersion TV Backlight, which used a cam to track what was happening on your TV and also equated that to dynamic, real-time RGB backlighting for your Television Set.

Each of these products zeroed in on a competitor. The Glide Wall Lighting took on the LifX Light beam. The Flow Pro LED bars went after Philips Hue Play. The TELEVISION backlight challenged the DreamScreen as well as, ironically, the Philips Hue Sync system which appeared after (however, in fairness, aimed to supply vast Tone lights integration for a home theater versus one TV lights strip). And also in each of these cases, they left us wondering why anybody would pay full price for the huge brands again. There were differences however they were generally minor and also unworthy fretting over while still having the ability to delight in the core includes those large brand names sought to supply.

The StarPal Pro follows this very same fad, providing Govee s vision of a portable RGBWW table lamp, plainly challenging the Philips Hue Go table lamps. Like the Flow Pro, the visual resemblance to Go lights is absolutely striking and clearly willful. Like the Go, the StarPal has the ability to generate a full variety of personalized RGB light, consisting of scenes and also computer animations. It s also features specialized white and cozy white LEDs, so you can put these anywhere in your home as well as tailor them to match the specific color temperature level you re looking for (2200-6500K).

As a Pro level Govee item, it also features smart house assimilation. If you utilize Alexa of Google Home, you ll have the ability to release voice commands as well as integrate it right into your routines. If you don t need WiFi features, Govee likewise sells a Bluetooth-only version for $42.99. Both versions can be regulated within the Govee app, which enables for complete color as well as brightness modification, in addition to the ability to involve themed color scenes as well as a great music setting that can be beneficial for events. The light likewise supports sleep and wake timers, which is terrific if you need some aid obtaining up in the early morning.

Philips Hue Go Table Light (left) is smaller than the Govee StarPal Pro (right) yet the actual diffused area is nearly the very same.

The light itself resembles a deep dish of milky white, changing the whole unit into a diffuser. This enables the light to be smooth and also regular. There s additionally a foot outside of the bowl so it can be put at an angle and also project onto a wall surface. Inside the diffuser is an LED array qualified out outputting 350 lumens. This isn t extremely bright; Govee s 9W RGB light bulbs outcome 800 lumens each, so you will not be lighting a space with the bowls alone. As accent lighting in a dim area, they function terrific, best for ambiance in any kind of setup and great for on-camera illumination in the history.

Each dish additionally houses a 3350mAh battery. This suffices for around six hrs of usage at complete brightness. You ll wish to connect them in when not in usage as it did seem like the battery would drain even when they re turned off (likely due to the cordless connectivity). When you need to connect them in, the five-foot cable television made getting to the electrical outlet simple in any kind of location where they appeared ideal to put for longer time periods.

I do have one complaint when it comes to billing, though: each light utilizes an Air Conditioning adapter with a lengthy charging brick. They re long sufficient to obstruct the surrounding electrical outlets on a power strip and can not be strung with each other to run of a single adapter. Exclusive adapters have been a standard on Govee products, as well as I would certainly enjoy to see it transition its line-up to USB for ease of usage.

Impressions .

After a pair of weeks with the lights, I have to state that I m satisfied. They are flat out better than the Philips Hue Go bowls in essentially every way. They re brighter, a lot more dynamic, and also toss more light. For photo and video job, the Color lights would certainly develop bands, virtually like scan lines as a result of the low refresh price of the LEDs. These are totally absent on the Govee lights.



StarPal Table Light (ideal) is brighter in both white and also tinted lights modes. Notification in the red contrast fired how the video camera clips, turning the Govee dish white because of the boosted brightness. .

There is a fascinating indicate mention below: either Govee or Philips are misquoting the illumination of their lights. Govee s Amazon web page lists the outcome at 350 lumens. Philips Best Buy web page provides the brightness of its lights at 530 lumens. The Govee lights are absolutely brighter. It s likewise possible that Philips may have done a silent revision of its lights at some point and also my launch set is much less brilliant than what s being offered now. I can not state without a doubt in either case. However the StarPal Pro was the more vibrant of my two lights, as you can clearly see in the pictures below.

Reviewing Scene.

I m also a huge follower of the personalization alternatives within the app. Choosing a static shade (which will most likely be what you do the majority of the moment) is as simple as picking from a scheme or color wheel. There are whole lots of Scenes for different illumination results. The bonfire and also candlelight effects is particularly nice, if you desire a little bit of simulated fire or candlelight in your environment. There are also scenes matched for organizing events with fun, energetic illumination, and even a music setting that will certainly pulse with your songs.

The one area where Philips still has the edge remains in its app. The Govee app isn t difficult to navigate as soon as you re made use of to it yet it s not nearly as instinctive as the Shade application. Govee has actually also been adding features regularly, such as the ability to team lights into areas and apply various schedules and lights. These attributes are very welcome and also help offer attribute parity, but definitely need some more time for improvement prior to they ll really feel as user-friendly.



One prime instance of this is if you happen to have 2 of these lights. You can add both lights to a scene and change their shades and illumination setups with each other. If you wish to change specific settings for each and every light, you ll require to back out to the major display as well as click into each light independently. Color, on the various other hand, places every one of your lights on a solitary color palette, that makes independent adjustments a lot easier. Offered the fast version Govee is making, nevertheless, I would anticipate this to become extra improved over time. The app will likewise fill the last setup you applied when activating each light, so if you intend on maintaining a single shade, this will only be a problem the very first time you re using settings.

Final Ideas .

Govee continues its roll with the lights market. Now, if you re not already deep in the Hue or LIFX communities, there s little factor to join. Govee s roster of products answer the heavy hitters from the huge brand names for less price and exceptionally comparable features as well as efficiency. The StarPal Pro has actually officially retired my pair of Color Go bowls. The RGB is bright, dynamic, as well as conveniently personalized, If you don t mind taking the time to find out the app and also finding room for the bigger battery chargers, they re definitely worth picking up.

The product defined in this post was supplied by the producer for examination objectives. .

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