Children s education in Skyrim Son turns out to be a lousy traitor

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Also in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is no easy task. A player now has to learn the hard tour that six-year-old should probably get no dangerous weapons into their hands.

Skyrim fan wants to start happy family

The HearthFire DLC for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim does not just allow you to build your own house. You can also start a family and together with your life partner adopt a child . The Reddit User Misérabell means something too good with his own offspring. A dausher dagger of paralysis is perhaps not a suitable gift for a six-year-old.

However, parenting is also called to learn from his children and the Skyrim fan will certainly not repeat this error a second time. After watching his son plays with the dangerous gift, he catches himself directly with the dagger and is paralyzed to the ground . An accident or intention? Anyway, the child seems to take care of the fate of his mother, because it simply plays.

Fans see the guilt at the dragon blood

The cold-blooded betrayal is also good for the fans on Reddit. The user generic bob writes that he had great luck to have given him only a ordinary dagger. With the right tricks can finally be enchanted in Skyrim also weapons, the target for days of days \ – in real time.

Other users also doubt at the educational style of the player. After all, he could have done his son first with one of the 40 ice cream shapes he cares with him. If he directs his son directly a magical weapon, which was forged with metal from the realm of evil , he may deserve his fate.

A skyrim fan wants to do his son a favor and gives him a dagger, he has absolutely wished . But the bellows immediately beats back and missed his mother a blow that sends her to the ground.

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