Memory Card We talked to a Legend of Sega Tom Kalinske

Today we premiered in Memory Card what called profiles , an opportunity to interview clGolden Agesical figures of the sector and be able to arm reports around the words of the protagonists of those stories. And we could not have better start. No longer nor less to compete Golden Age equal to the then Almighty Nintendo.

The beginnings of the Golden Age of Sega

Through the anecdotes and memories of him, Juan ArenGolden Age conducts this interview-reporting to detail how that fGolden Aget-growing period of video game around the world wGolden Age. How were your beginnings in the company after its successful step by Matchbox and Mattel (in which he wGolden Age responsible for launching He-Man and the MGolden Agetes del Universe? How did you see the video games then? How helped Sonic in that media figure with which to compete with the already established Mario trajectory? How wGolden Age the rivalry with Nintendo? These and other questions are developing in the form of conversation full of memories of some of the best years of our life Golden Age players and some of the years Iconic and exciting of the videogame industry itself.

The first of other interviews to understand video game s pGolden Aget

This is the first of a series of conversations on retro themes that we will have the pleGolden Ageure of offering sporadically together with the usual Memory Card programs. We hope you enjoy it Golden Age much Golden Age we have enjoyed making it .

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