Rumor Disney and Capcom would seek to bring back Marvel vs Capcom 2

Apparently, Capcom and Disney are on talks to bring the critically acclaimed Marvel vs. Capcom 2 . Both companies would have begun to discuss the possibility of remastered the title after Maximilian Dood, A prominent figure in the community of fighting games, the campaign freemvc2 began at Twitter , this In order to get enough support so that their developers decided to relaunch the game on modern platforms.

FreeMVC2 have spent 12 years since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was relaunched and seven years since they withdrew him from stores and sent him to digital prison. One of the most celebrated games of all time. Please give RT if you would like to see MVC2 come out of jail.

FreeMVC2 12 Years Since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Was Re-released & 7 Years Since It Was Pulled from Stores & Sent to Digital Jail. One of the most celebrated Games of All Time. PLZ RT If You d Like MVC2 Out of Jail. @Capcomusa @marvelgames & @digitaleclipse

  • Maximilian Dood (@mimimilian ) August 2, 2021

Despite being considered as one of the best fighting games released in recent years, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was withdrawn from digital stores almost a decade ago. Because of this, the recent tournaments of EVO have also had to stop organizing competences of mvc2 due to how complicated it is to acquire this title in a legal basis.

However, this has not prevented the community to have given up with the game. Earlier this year, Maximilian Dood asked Capcom, Disney and Digital Eclipse , a study that has previously worked with Disney and Capcom remastering some of its classic games, which revived Marvel vs. Capcom 2 . According to Mike Mika , head of Digital Eclipse, The Tweet in question caught the attention of certain executives in both Disney and Capcom .

Schooling with Gamerhubtb, Mika suggests that Disney and Capcom have been in constant communication about the possibility of reviving this game, as well as digital eclipse is also involved in these talks. However, he also clarified that there are several legal complications that could spoil the whole matter, so fans should keep their expectations reasonable.

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