Bright Memory Infinite reveals a band

Bright Memory (Chinese: 光明记忆), also called Bright Memory: Episode 1, is a first-person shooter hack and reduce computer game established by Chinese FYQD Personal Studio.
Created by a single designer in his extra time, it was at first released via Heavy steam s Very early Gain access to program for Microsoft Windows on 12 January 2019, at some point leaving very early access on 25 March 2020. Furthermore, the game was launched for mobile platforms in between 2019 and 2020, in addition to for the Xbox Series X/S as one of its launch titles on November 10, 2020. As opposed to developing an Episode 2, the game is currently being remade and also expanded in both gameplay and also tale into a full-length title called Bright Memory: Infinite (Chinese: 光明记忆 : 无限), that is intended for launch on Windows as well as Xbox Series X/S in 2021. Players that have actually acquired the COMPUTER variation of Bright Memory will be able to obtain Bright Memory: Infinite completely free.

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When Bright Memory came out last year, we put it to the test because we felt like nothing more than an aperitif for the next Bright Memory: Infinite. Now that Bright Memory: Infinite is getting closer and closer to the exit, we look forward to seeing what the full version of the game will look. A gameplay trailer has just been released and she is not only visually breathtaking, she is also full of high octane and visceral action action. The players will quickly pass from the fight to the body to body to the game of remote shooting in the middle of the combos in this shooting game in the first person. In addition, there will be driving sections where players are encouraged to cross enemies and signaling panels.

This trailer contrasts rapid action with a surprisingly soothing accompanying track and has a number of imposing bosses. Bright Memory: Infinite takes place in a world where different times and realities are confused, so that enemies go from futuristic soldiers equipped with the latest equipment to the burning statues of internal fire. All these enemy designs look great and see them in action enough to breathta. If this trailer is something to do, Bright Memory: Infinite will resume where the original Bright Memory has stopped and will launch the whole up to eleven. We are looking forward to getting your hands on the final version of this game.

The moment of the exit of Bright Memory Infinite is getting closer. Said Xiancheng Zeng, only developer, Fyqd Studio. The things I learned from the Bright Memory output on Steam and Xbox Series X | S taught me a lot and allowed me to bring many improvements to infinite. I hope my project will motivate other independent developers to never give up what they can accomplish.

Bright Memory: Infinite will be available on PC and Xbox Series S | X later in 2021.

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