In Pok mon Go you can finally see how much your developments will be

InPokémon GO there is now a new feature that you can finally see how strong your developments. We at MeinMMO looked at this new feature and show you what’s behind it.

What kind of a function to do it? Niantic had already announced a few days ago on her blog that there should be a new preview feature in the game (via This you should already prior to development, how much the development will show. The function is activated since September 14 last and we will show you.

So you see how strong your development

Do you want to develop a Pokémon in the past, then you did not know how hard it will be for it and if you can then use in a specific PvP league there. The Niantic has now changed with a new function.

Click her to a monster that you want to develop, then you get now, an overview shown. As you see in the picture below you can, you will be displayed there, which monster you want to develop and how strong the current WP this Pokémon is.

To the right you see then the appropriate development and the anticipated WP. Before you decide whether you want to carry out the development, you will also be informed, for which PvP League your respective development is still suitable.

The League recognizes her under the statement This Pokémon exceeds the WP-limit for some combat leagues. There, the individual leagues are listed and provided on the right edge with a check mark if the monster must also then compete in this league.

development of best buddies

A special case in terms of the WP is in Pokémon GO Pal Pokémon represent Have you Friends Status Best achieved with this the -. So filled all hearts – you’ll get a special buddy bonus for this monster. How you interact with your buddy, we’ve gathered you here.

You still active deposited her this Pokémon as your buddy, it thus gets a WP boost that comes to you in fights to benefit. This boost has now been taken into account in the new function.

So the contribution of reddit-user TehWildMan shows his best buddy Chansey, which he has chosen to develop. That was recognized directly through the new feature, which is why already in the title, the question is to be read if he wants to develop his best buddy.

Moreover, apart from the normal WP also displayed with the activated buddy bonus. This can be seen below the respective other WP value. So is directly visible to you if you can also use your Monster with a buddy boost in certain leagues. The reddit users rejoice in comments that were also thought of this option for the new function.

How does the preview at Evoli?

Another special feature is the Pokémon Eevee. This has several enhancements that require some different requirements for development. Want to develop their Evoli to Aquana, Flareon or Blitza, but then you need a little luck.

These three Evoli developments happen at random. The accused in the reddit community to the question of whether one sees through the new feature already before development which monster it probably is (via But unfortunately it does not work.

As you can see in the picture above, you get in the overview may be approximate the new WP shown. The image of development has also been replaced by a question mark. So it remains a surprise which Pokémon you’ll get as a further development of Eevee.

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How do you like the new feature? Do you find it cool that you already before development can now see, can then still use where fighting league you your monster? And you have the function already tried? like to send us your views here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchanges with other coaches you out on this.

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