Skyrim becomes a graphic miracle so nice you have the RPG

A skyrim player shows in a video, as beautiful the now 11-year-old role-playing hit can look like when you install the right mods. The only problem on the point: Even solid gaming PCs probably brings this generated version to their limits.

The Vanilla version of Skyrim was never a beauty, but thanks to numerous mods, however, the fans could turn the RPG classic into a true eyes over the years.

But Although Skyrim now has 11 years on the hump, PC players still need solid gaming hardware if they want to transform the rather tristen role-play caterpillar to a beautiful RPG butterfly .

How nice the Special Edition of Skyrim can look like with the appropriate mods, reddit user Shoddycover shows in a clip, now has more than 21,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments :

Thanks to the modifications, the flora sky rays shine in completely new splendor. The trees have more detailed textures and denser foliage, grasses, plants and bushes that weigh in the wind, let the game world work much more lively – and the sun fighting through the branches of the trees ensures a true feel-good atmosphere.

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Mods bring gaming laptop to its limits

As can be seen in the clip, Skyrim looks astonishingly good thanks to the numerous graphics mods, but the performance leaves a lot to be desired. In the clip, the frame rate is about 10-15 fps . So you should not expect liquid frame rates.

And that, although the SHODDYCOVER system can be seen quite. It was used a gaming laptop of alienware that has built a i7-10870H, an RTX 3070, 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD .

According to his information, he could increase the frame rate at least 25-30 fps by deactivating some effects and pausing the bandicam recording.

For everyone who wants to shine Skyrim also in such beautiful graphics, the RedDit user has provided a complete mod list on imgur. The listing can be found if you scroll to the end of the picture gallery (Source: imgur).

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