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An outstanding ball and taking along with a tacky degree was taken shortly after the break for the Munich 2: 0 preliminary decision in the top game in Leipzig, marriage Jamal Musiala also in minute 54 worth seeing Via Perfekt Chip on the freestanding Leroy Sané the interim 3-0 had prepared for his FC Bayern. In short: at the height perhaps something to be clear 4: 1 success of the Master about the runner-up was the 18-year-old Stuttgart of the crucial man.

Clear that afterwards the players of Musiala on its quality and class have been addressed despite the still very young age. First of all Thomas Müller showed himself again from the man who already comes to 31 Bundesliga games (eight goals, three templates), and said in conversation with Sky : The special thing is just with him that he is to his Whole talent he has, also has a great character, modest – but also has self-confidence with ball.

In detail, the World Champion from 2014 also went out: And not self-confidence that he might run around with nose up in the cabin, but self-confidence in the actions with the ball at the foot. But not only that: He is still clever – and he works. This overall package at such a young years makes him special – and when he brings that, then he is not only a supplement for us, but also decides to games for us Like this successful evening, where the record champions standing for ten points from four league games, the weakly started Leipzig (already three bankruptcies) had already distanced on seven points.

The funny and recognizing Müller

On the question of what Musiala also has self-confidence, for example, in training on actors such as Torgarant Robert Lewandowski or Müller, the 31-year-old also went a couple with his typical humor: He is already very communicative is and also asked. But he does not ask me how to play a player … but I rather ask him. But in other areas such as start-up behavior or in which rooms he should, there he is already inquisitive. It’s also on the place so that he follows you.

There are other junior players.

Julian Nagelsmann about the non-existent arrogance of Jamal Musiala

FCB-Coach Julian Nagelsmann just gladly gladly attacked – and even put the following sentences about the jewel in Munich’s squad: I’ve already had some junior players in my coaching career, but he is already exceptional – as far as his character trains are concerned. He is very humble, wants to work and listen to. And even after such a game you do not feel that he is now raised. There are also other junior players and their attitudes that you experience so …

Müller suspects what will happen

Musiala itself confirmed the character description even in the interview with the TV station. Because his answers after his great appearance indeed fell very modestly: It was just a lot of fun. And also addressed to his great actions, he was only elicited: There is not much time to think, we train such situations but of course long. In the game, of course, you do not think much more if such a thing gives. Just try to do the right thing.

And the Tat Musiala this day again. If his way goes so on, a regular place is likely to jump out at FC Bayern and in the German national team in the foreseeable future. And here and then Müller himself is a direct opponent in the offensive. Whether it comes here to the generation change? Whether he wants to have the Punktplace at FC Bayern and in the national team of Müller? Müller’s unambiguous answer: Joa … at some point he can have him.

Championship competitor number 1 already out of the race?

About the circumstance, Leipzig already inflicted the third seasonal leg and the Saxons already distanced on seven points, the naturally set regular players also lost a few words: The title race is very long, but the claim of us is of course that If we have seven points ahead of a joint competitor that we are no longer presenting the lead now. But it is clearly the time to talk about the championship – even if that, of course, now feels very good for us. Especially after The international room, where you always do not know exactly what you get.

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Pictures for the game RB Leipzig – Bayern Munich

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