World Cup plans Nagelsmann s gloomy forecast

A world cup is a global sporting competitors in which the individual entities– normally worldwide teams or individuals representing their countries– contend for the title of world champ. A world cup is typically, though not constantly, considered the top competition in its sporting activity, with the victor acquiring the highest possible honour in that sport as well as able to claim the title of their sporting activity’s best. Nevertheless, in some sporting activities the Olympic title lugs at the very least as much stature, while other sports such as diving and also creative gymnastics set apart between their premier competitions, such as World Championships and also Olympic Gamings, as well as their World Cup , which is organised as a smaller sized scale yet top-level display event with small elite fields.
There are a number of notable popular team sports competitions identified world mugs , such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Rugby Organization World Cup and also the Hockey World Cup however probably the best understood is the FIFA World Cup (an organization football competition, initially kept in 1930), which is commonly known simply as the World Cup .

Once again, bright excitement prevails. The Super League is just off the table, now the FIFA does the next barrel. According to recent plans, the World Cup will take place every two years in the future. Cleats and fans are horrified again and the rejection goes across the continent.

Even in the Bundesliga there is a cross-club unity in the rejection of the plans. Most things are about two points: the burden on the players and the devaluation of the World Cup.

… because players with the tongue stumble on the floor constantly

I believe that this flood does not contribute to games that the quality of each game gets better – rather worse, said Nagelsmann on Friday and paints a scenario for the future. If the football becomes unattractive, at the end will eventually flow less money, the people will see it less on television. If another television program is much more interesting than a game, because the players with the tongue stumble on the floor and no longer Can, then I believe, we all do not like please.

That makes no sense anymore.

Julian Nagelsmann

Approval comes from Gladbach. Sport director Max Eberl, rarely to lay clear words, becomes clearer and finds the plans complete nonsense. From this inflationary, we should all solve a bit. The football is already very, very present, even more presence does not lead to even more interest but to disinterest. I find this idea completely wrong .

Nagelsmann suggests the opposite way for the future. If you want to count, you need to be rare.

It is also about the health of the players. The burden of players is already unbelievable says Gladbach coach Adi Hütter. Nagelsmann already thinks a step further and fears that the financial framework of the clubs is blown up. If we have more and more games – whether now national team or national – then the squad will have to get bigger. You have exploding costs and that all has to be capped. That’s not that easy. At some point you have to have 24 men because you have all the injured compensate to get at all a good and powerful team on the field.

Almost resigned, Nagelsmann adopted: That makes no sense someday anymore.

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