NBA 2K22 optimize your player and badges by going to university

This year on NBA 2K22, developers have made sure to promote the choice of university in career mode by making additional badges for your player. Indeed, depending on the choice of the FAC, you will get additional badges, so adding to your total obtained when creating your character.

Choose university in career mode for more badges for your player

If last year, the choice of the university did not really impact (except for the prestige of playing UCLA in the FAC of Kaj or Syracuse in the footsteps of Melo), this year 2k decided To really focus on the transition to college. Thus, you will get additional badges (for a total of 4) that will be distributed automatically according to the selected university.

From then on, be careful, because if you thought you would opt for UCLA for the brilliant blue of its jersey, think twice depending on the badges obtained. It will not be possible to distribute his badges, your choice has the importance here, according to your build and his post.

Note that to get the four additional badges, you will have to play the entire season and win the NCAA title at the end of the year! An additional motivation to go through the start of the game in career mode and thus significantly improve your character.

So much for our counsel to play university in order to optimize your player by adding additional badges for career mode on NBA 2K22. If you start on the basketball game or you are looking to progress, do not hesitate to consult our various guides on NBA 2K22.

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