How to Enter Space in the name of Free Fire

Prefer one that many players in the free-fire those things have to be fancy and unique name. As a result, they are always looking for ways through which their names appear more specific than the other players.

Generally, name players can not add a huge space between the words as set terms. However, it is possible, and the user can use it to complete the U + 3164, Otherwise known as Hangul filler.

Free to enter into Fire names on a guide

As mentioned earlier, it can be used by players who use U + 3164. Listed below are the steps that can be used by users who are not aware of how they can use it:

Step 1: First, users must copy the U + 3164 (Hangul filler). They can find it by going to this URL.

Step 2: must after copying gamers filler, they will open the free Fire and at the top left click on the banner.

Step 3: As a result, it will be opened profile player. Thereafter, they may need to tap on the next icon badges in your name.

Step 4: ‘ll see a dialog box above the screen; Users must tap on the icon of your current name.

Step 5: they will display a pop-up box asking you to enter a new name. Then they can stick in the required name can enter and Hangul filler are like where to anywhere place, ie words or symbols.

Step 6: The final step is to click on 390 Diamonds option to change username. Diamond will be deducted on a name will be changed.

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Alternatively, by gamers could also be used to rename the card to change your nickname. After you follow the steps above in Galena Free Fire space between the names of the players.

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