Dispute over World Cup Cycle International Fan Alliance Wenger

Numerous international fan organizations have spoken out against a World Cup in the two-year rhythm. In a letter from the Football Supporters Europe it was said: According to Arsene Wenger, the head for the global development of football at FIFA, ‘it is what the fans want’. The signatory fan organizations categorically reject this statement , The overwhelming majority is against the two-year cycle. If the FIFA would have brought the fans into the boat, she knew, too, it continued.

Not only the tradition will bring the fan associations as justification, but that such a step threatens to destroy the already fragile balance between local, national, continental and international competitions and calendars. One fears a devaluation and endangerment of established competitions of the various confederations. We enjoy the World Cup because it is an extraordinary event. Most of us do not have the time to travel the money or the opportunity to travel every 24 months to the other end of the world to our teams in a greatly reduced competition and Half leather stages to see play, it continues to say.

In addition, the letter was criticized great inequality within and between leagues and confederations, rising costs for the fans and an insufficient basic infrastructure. FIFA has been asked to give up the proposal and involving the votes of the fans in all decisions that influence the future of us financed and worldwide spectacles.

also sign two German representatives

More than 50 fan clubs, even from other continents than Europe, signed the explanation. With Our Curve E.V., German Fans’ Embassy and the Alliance Active Football Fans – Baff E.V. are also listed three German representatives.

Aleksander Cefer has already positioned itself on Monday against a World Cup in the two-year rhythm. More is not always better. The International Match Calendar does not need that, said UEFA President. Opposite is FIFA-Boss Gianni Infantino, who advocates the plans.

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