Maximilian Eggestein changes from Werder Bremen to Freiburg

The SC Freiburg responded to the departure of Baptiste Santamaria and will commit Maximilian Eggestein as his successor. The 24-year-old comes from the second division, where he was one of the top earners and was considered a sales candidate, in the Breisgau. So far, Eggestein had been used in all three games in the 2nd league over the full playing time.

The fact that the midfielder already invited to the DFB team invited wanted to play in the first league, Sportschef Frank Baumann had already run at the Zillertal at the beginning of July during the training camp. Even the player himself did not want to be raptured to a commitment to Werder, even changed his advisor agency some time to force an outlet.

Now Eggestein changes, which was under contract until 2023 in Bremen, according to Freiburg, where he represents the one-to-one replacement for Santamaria, whose change to Rennes has introduced the Bundesliga club according to L’équipe 14 million euros. As the parade position of Werder-Eigenwäches, the Achter position, where the resulting gap has been closed at the SCF.

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