Do you come to Wow

In the World of Warcraft (hereinafter, Horde and Alliance, the Horde and Alliance will come from the time of launching. Story, but the two camps are parties together, and you can not enjoy the dungeon, raid, etc. However, in the play, the barriers of the two camps have appeared in the barrier. The Wow Development Director has announced a positive opinion on the Cross Faction Gameplay that enjoys content that belongs to different progress.

The Development Director of the Ion Hazzikostas Development Director, who oversees Wow Development, was ahead of the two days of the Twitter on the 2nd. In the process of explaining the planning intent of the decision of the covenant to be introduced to the 9.1.5 patch, which is introduced through Twitter, one user asked about the introduction of cross play between the camp and he answered.

The termination Costas Director is asked to ask for cross-play (in the game) (in the game), there is a simple narrative scheme. There is no fast solution, but it also knows that the barrier is an important issue that the barrier should be resolved in a dimension that provides equivalent access to final content such as raid.

Director is a positive feedback, and fans are concentrated on the possibility of cooperative adoption between Horde and Alliance. Particularly, in the process of explaining the 9.1.5 patch that relieves the patch of the covenants of the covenant, it was a concern as concern that the part of the course was difficult to have difficulty in reordering the raid as a population imbalance.

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