Cloud Gardens Relaxing riddle game leaves the Early Access and appears for Xbox

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Update of 2 September 2021, 08:43 clock:

Meanwhile, Thomas van der Berg Alias ​​Noio has released its Umwelt Simulation Cloud Gardens for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Series Xbox ONE and the Early Access officially ends the Early Access with a large, even in the console capture. On Steam, where the user reviews are extremely positive to date, a discount of ten percent will be granted to the regular selling price of the titles planned for iOS (11.24 euros instead of 12.49 euros). In the Microsoft Store, on the other hand, 17.99 euros are due for the download.

Last year we saw so much creativity of our community, it’s hard to believe, says van the mountain. With Cloud Garden we have achieved exactly what our original goal was: a title that allows players to relax and be creative. Thank you to anyone who has previously shaped Cloud Gardens!

Original message from 18 August 2021, 13:28 clock:

Indie developer Noio (Kingdom & New Lands) has announced that Cloud Gardens will appear on 1 September 2021 for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. At the same time, the game with a large launch update, which is also included in the console socket, leave the Early Access on Steam.

_ In Cloud Gardens, players work with mother naturally to overgrow lo-fi scenes from city truins and people created landscapes with plants. Players can leave their original run in the sandbox mode of their creativity without a target and time pressure Campaign ‘play to unlock new plants, items and gardener skills. _

Features of the launch update:

  • _ New Oberwelt Card_
  • _ Over 120 new items_
  • Kameramodus
  • SKYBOXES that you can customize
  • Achievements
  • Controller control
  • _New languages, including German _

Features of the main game:

  • _ Solve puzzles in a soothing 3D landscape_
  • _Recure in creative mode, according to which you are always
  • STow a huge selection of objects and plants free
  • _ Parts your creations_
  • _MIT generative soundscapes of Amos Roddy, the composer of Kingdom _

_ We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with Cloud Gardens and more importantly – what our players have created in the game _, says Thomas Van the mountain, developer of Cloud Gardens. _ It has been extremely motivated to discover the new creations of our players every week during the development. We can not wait to see what worlds Xbox player will build and how Steam players who will use new items from the update. _

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