Polar War 6 demo rocket backpack cool to the sky double mode fun double

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Ubisoft Signboard Development World Shooting latest sequel Polar War The latest sequel Far Cry 6) will be released on October 7. The latest sequel corner is also invited to participate in the first demo , a tropical islandia landscape, play the anti-anti-army, got up and fight against the dictator Anton – Of course, there is a joyful experience.

This trial has experienced most of the six-generation characteristics, like self-created, and makes all kinds of cool soil weapons; the best, the customary battle backpack; Good partners, Summon the battle pet crocodile or puppy to give an opponent a surprised attack. Compared with the few generations, this is more spoofed with diverse play elements, bringing more and more interesting polar warling.

In the past, after a plot of a plot, the protagonist will join the rebel. As a standard toolman, this time you have to help them recapture the military base. The process believes that everyone is familiar. There are many Raiders routes, quite freedom, you can directly use the parachute directly to the enemy from the enemy; touch from the waterway The enemy’s back door is assassinated; or takes out your best and rewards them a salt water.

In the demulty, the first one for the player experience is despener, simply that the rocket transmitter, also with automatic navigation function. Just say that the anti-military DIY workbench can make this high-tech product why it also needs my help, the best is as named, and you can clear most of the enemies, greatly improve the advancement of the rhythm. Although CD is very long, it is absolutely worth it. But be careful, if you are too close, you will be blown up.

In addition to the rocket backpack, the author also experienced the flame jet furious, the role is the flame Aoe, but the author is not seriously explained, but the enemy is in three miles, but I took it directly, I didn’t burn, embarrassing No; there is also an electromagnetic pulse backpack volts, which can make an electromagnetic pulse to protect the system or enable the carrier to hijack. The best can be said that it is quite a lot of things to play.

There are quite a few more choice with accessories, from the cross bow to the electromagnetic pulse gun, and even a super handsome shield, you can use a single-handed weapon. Weapons can also be equipped with many accessories, highly killed weapons, etc., which can combine quite a variety of weapons.

And this time, no longer need trouble to unlock which skills, in order to decide the battle style, and there is a package bonus. Of course, this is necessary to get through the task, encourage players to take risks to get rewards.

In addition, this most convenient place is that the player itself is a mobile armory, even in battle, you can directly switch, no need to run back to the base.

Just mentioned that you are not single, and there is Good partner to make a summary, each has a unique ability. The first little cute that can be encountered in the early days is the pre-exposure of the crocodile handsome guy, you can direct him to bite his butt, when physical strength, and good partners will not really die, but need to save them, but Only handsome guys will resurrect in battles, it is really good to have a good one.

Others have a good partner such as a bucket and sausage dog, meat intestines, etc. you unlock. The ability of the madamus is to use the water’s big eyes to attract the enemy to pay attention, let the players secretly kill the enemy, do well, the meat.

This time, another fresh experience is the first time to join the horseback function. Players can discover horses in various places, or directly borrowing folk horses on the road, running, unexpected, you can do it, just although the author will not 3D halo However, the size of the horses is still uncomfortable, and the official version can improve.

This time, there is also a double experience, and you can play together through the network, basically, to solve the story of the story, and the progress will also be saved. However, the co-line is doubled, and the total helicopter is shot in the machine. I don’t know why I started the fire. I misuse the fire. I accidentally shot the teammates; I haven’t got on the bus, my teammate And go, directly bird.

It’s just that the distance between the two people can’t be too far. Otherwise, it will be warned by the system, but the whole is not a big problem, and the scope is actually very vast, after all, each fight is meaningless. In addition to adventures together, this player has some small latest sequels to play, and the bodies can play with friends.

Overall experience, compared with the previous series, the 6th generation seems to be a serious anti-tyranny plot, but the bones are full of happiness. This NPC is also very personality, still has the characteristics of polar war, but adds more humorous style, as well as more dry words. Of course, the performance to play Andong’s Jencolo Espubosi is also very powerful. The acting skills have thought that I have to sell me.

There is still some time to be alert-oriented, like the task of invading the two ships, you can choose to cross the sea to another boat, and you will be attacked by the enemy, my lovely handsome guy follows me. Come over, actually fell directly in the sea. You are a crocodile, big brother.

It is clear that I have passed by the enemy. AI still finds the same path move, and then stupid stands in the corner of the wall, and I don’t know if I have left it. There is also the passers-by suddenly take out the rocket cannon in the road, but I can’t see the enemy.

Of course, this time is a demo version, the latest sequel is expected to be available on the PS4 / PS5, Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S and PC (Epic latest sequels Store and Ubisoft Store) platform on October 7, I hope the final version can improve some small disadvantages.啰.

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