NBA News Philadelphia 76ers No Trade of Ben Simmons Before Training Camp

In Liga circles, some NBA insiders evoke that Ben Simmons will continue to be part of the Philadelphia 76ers at the end of September at the end of September. Sixers-Boss Daryl Morey would allegedly no deal overstrug.

This is apparent from a report by Jake Fischer (bleacher Report). Accordingly, a trade of the 25-year-old could take a while – unless the Portland Trail Blazers do not make franchise star Damian Lillard.

NBA Insider Says The Best Fit for Ben Simmons is the Golden State Warriors | CBS Sports HQ

The Blazers Point Guard continues to stand at the sixers at the top of the wish list, but according to Fischer some insiders suspect that the 31-year-old will look at the first week of season with the team around the new Head Coach Chauncey Billups and Portland will give a chance.

Simmons himself prefer a wallpaper change. According to information from Fischer, the three-time all-star expects a trade, he is not in personal contact with Moray, Coach Doc Rivers or Sixers-Star Joel Embid, who recently signed a contract extension in the city of fraternal love. Instead, his camp has inquired about rival teams after the interest in Simmons.

But Morey seems to do not miss anything, he was even ready to go with Simmons to the training camp, starting at the end of September. Even the possibly explosive Simmons situation after the disappointing playoff-from the Sixers and Criticism of Embiid and Coach Rivers, Morey does not avoid waiting for a suitable deal.

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Philadelphia hope for a James-Hard-like package as the equivalent for Simmons. Among other things belong to the Minnesota Timberwolves, which could hardly lace such a package. The Spurs, Kings and Warriors has already been interested in interest.

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