LOL players find Ai Via Wall bug nets icebirds finally think of she will fly

Ice Cream mix Superheroes Marvel with clay ???? Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Black Panther
Dare ah ice down the birds! The thought than Heroes Union hero Ainiweiya ‘skills, in addition to passive ice birds can be struck into eggs hatch after rebirth, the discussion highest than people love to hate ice wall (W skills) it! Not only be able to do the cutting action of the battlefield for the team, his teammates will also be able to spoof them all stuck in the hot springs is not to go out.

W skill players now been found abnormal BUG, ​​Ainiweiya could have been cast in the wall of ice, own Enron fly out from the side, without the slightest topography!

According to the film catching insects Masters Vandiril recently published point of view, when Yiniweiya launch W Ice Block skill, if the scope of the ice wall with the terrain / obstacle avoidance were overlapping, Ainiweiya will be able to go directly across from the side terrain .

After the ice birds through the wall of the film release, many players have found a message that before the Bug as a icebird specialization player, I’ve been using this loophole does not know a few times, there are many people jokingly replied Aini Olivia finally realized that he is a bird , after so many years, the ice has finally learned to fly a bird , Riot could not really answer this Bug, because she already has wings! and even some people want the wrong Riot, just put a bird through the wall into ice features are good support this change, believe Froggen will love it.

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