Skyrim mystery after 10 years developer reveals the secret of the treasure foxes

Do you already know the Sage of the treasure foxes in Skyrim? According to the community, the wild animals lead you to all sorts of riches and appreciate if you follow them. After 10 years, a Skyrim developer has now explained what it really has it with the story.

Skyrim developer clarifies: It has it with the treasure rice

In a sky edge, it is only teeming of wild creatures and animals that either want to go to the leather or take the tear as soon as they see you.

But an animal should lead adventurers in the sky edge to all sorts: the fox. Already for years, the rumor has been stubborn within the player’s shank that the red-rimmer four-legged lead the player to hidden chests and riches , if you follow them.

The former Skyrim developer Joel Burgees has now been commented on Twitter to myth and explained in a series of tweets, as it comes to feel that the foxes are almost magically attracted to estimates.

Foxes as treasure hunter: just a funny coincidence

The Explanation in Abstract: The foxes in Skyrim are programmed to run away from the player and build a certain distance, which is not measured in meters but in a number of triangles from which the navigation paths of the game world are composed .

These triangles are significantly larger in the free wilderness than in stores or other places, in which a large amount of objects are placed . Since it is the goal of the fox, as fast as possible many triangles between the players and to bring themselves, he preferred to hike in the direction of these special places – because here he can bridge this distance much faster.

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The likelihood that you find treasures, riches or other valuable loots in these places, is significantly higher than a ramble by the wilderness. For this reason, many players assume that the foxes conducted them targeted to these estimates. The poor digital animals were only in front of them.

This finally solved another Skyrim secret after all the years.

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