Release date of Pierre The Maze Detective revealed

Pixmain, an independent video game publisher who focuses on games with a gameplay, art, music and creative and engaging history, has associated with the Darjeeling Development Studio to announce the release date and reveal a strip- Announcement for their next game, Labyrinth City: Pierre The Maze Detective. The game is based on the series of world success comics Pierre: The Maze Detective created by the Japanese artist Hirofumi Kamigaki and illustrated by IC4Design. The game itself is an passionate project born from Darjeeling’s love for books. The node of the game is that the players play the role of Peter, a clot-off detective that is responsible for hunting the illusive migrant Mr. X in order to save the situation. To do this, Pierre must explore the complex worlds drawn by the game and discover secrets and surpass the labyrinths. Labyrinth City: Pierre The Maze Detective officially arrives on PC on June 22, 2021 and will be released on Android, IOS and Nintendo Switch this summer. The game is currently available on Steam to be on the wish list.

In history, Mr. X, the main bad guy who must be arrested by Peter, stole the stone of the Labyrinth of the Opera City Museum. Fortunately for the city, Pierre, the detective, is on his track. As the capture of Mr. X is continued, players will be guided through a series of incredibly detailed scenes and scenarios, each charged with his own characters, animations and eccentric interactions. In each artisanal zone, players must find their way through a labyrinth, complete mini-games and find hidden objects to continue.

Labyrinth City has already won prizes for its amazing design and artistic details, including the Visual Design Indicade 2020 price and the price of the best quality Game Connection Asia 2020.

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